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Pippi M. Wingfield 



I specialize in substance abuse, play therapy and relationship/marriage in family counseling.

Pippi M. Wingfield is the CEO at Spread Your Wings Supportive Counseling LLC, who assists in the oversight of the daily operations of Mental Health Skills Building, Outpatient Psychotherapy and Crisis Stabilization. Pippi has experience in many areas concerning mental health, including clinical documentation. She is a native of Jersey City, New Jersey and a graduate from New Jersey City University where she graduated with honors in Elementary Education and a minor in Psychology. She moved to Richmond, Virginia in August of 2000 to begin her teaching career in Richmond City Public Schools. After four years of teaching in the public school, Pippi decided to follow her dreams of becoming a journalist. She enrolled in the Mass Communication program at Virginia Commonwealth University and received a bachelor’s degree in 2007. She worked as a Journalist for WTVR CBS- 6 for five years. Simultaneously, Pippi began working as a part-time Intensive In-Home counselor, after one year at CBS-6. Although she enjoyed journalism, she felt a stronger connection in mental health as a counselor. In 2010, she was informed that she needed to care for her two and three-year old nieces to prevent them from going into foster care. After a year of gaining custody of the children, she noticed that they had significant developmental delays. This sparked a more in-depth interest of mental health. She began to educate herself on mental health diagnosis to gain insight on how to properly care for her nieces. Pippi grew more and more interested in the mental health field and in 2012, she could no longer ignore her desire to help others in her community suffering from mental health disorders. She wanted to bring about mental health awareness and provide resources for those in need. She began working full-time as an Intensive In-Home counselor and felt more complete. After working in the mental health field for five years she decided to master her craft and enrolled in Virginia Commonwealth University where she received a Master’s of Social Work degree. Pippi is currently a Licensed Mental Health Professional Supervisee also known as an LMHP-S. She enjoys all avenues of mental health and has a true passion for keeping families together through family and marriage counseling as well as assisting individuals with a history of substance and alcohol abuse maintain sobriety. Given her title as CEO at Spread Your Wings Supportive Counseling, LLC., her focus includes implementing a team approach amongst staff, providing thorough orientation and professional development training. Overall, Pippi is motivated in maintaining positive staff/client morale within her company as well as in the community. Pippi firmly believes in the importance of maintaining a healthy mental state and is an advocate for individuals who require assistance in obtaining their goals. In her spare time, she enjoys writing books, movies and acting in locally filmed commercials, movies and series.


D. Easley

Crisis Manager/ QMHP


Director/ Office Manager

The office manager is responsible for maintaining the office by organizing the office procedures and operations, controlling correspondence, monitoring clerical functions.She is also responsible for scheduling meetings and appointments, greeting visitors and preparing presentations and reports. Ensuring that invoices are paid. Supervising and monitoring the work of the staff.








N. Townes


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